Standard Yoga Mat Size

What is the Standard Yoga Mat Size ?

What is the Standard Yoga Mat Size ?

There are lot of yoga mats in the market in different sizes and different color and different materials and different length and different styles. While there are no guide line from yoga instructors.It is very important to choose a standard yoga mat size that is right for your practice.

The standard size of the yoga mat is 24 inches wide and 68 inches long.

However yogis should select a yoga mat based on their preferences and comfort level. Yoga was basically developed to be soft surface, but it is not most important that you have to buy standard yoga mat size. Yoga can be perform on green grass, a thick piece of carpet or any other soft surface which should not be slippery.


When you think about the shopping of standard yoga mat sizes, you have to keep in mind the standard size of yoga mat. This size of the mt is widely available it is fit for all yogis.

There are lot sizes in the market available, but a standard yoga mat size come in 72 to 74 inches and 84 inches length. For all the yogis 6 feet is very comfortable and fit for them.


The standard yoga mats available in 3mm thick. But there are lot of yogis they prefer slightly thick yoga mat which is about 1.5 mm of padding. But there are some people who have different kinds of problems like knee problem and back pain, lower back and wrist issues. For these kinds of yogis companies made the mats with extra padding so that they protect sensitive parts of their body.

They always looking for a thick mat with the size of 4-5 mm of padding.

Standard Yoga Mat Size


The standard yoga mats come in three kind of stickiness.

Light stickiness.

Light stickiness mats are mostly used for trained yogis. They practice in fast paced yoga classes.

High Stickiness.

High stickiness mats are made with the material of non slip surface and these mats are mostly used by hot yoga practices.

Specialized mats.

These mats are made for those people who have lot of sweat and lot of natural oil in their hands. These mats have anti slip properties.


                Standard yoga mats size are made with vinyl. Friendly mats are made recycle rubber and organic cotton

 Price Range:                

Sticky yoga mats are low rang mats they are made with pvc. And eco-friendly yoga mats are high range prices. These mats are made with color texture and good thickness and also good designing.



When you are nearly select you choice, you need to keep in mind the the thicknesses and material eco friendly, price. There is one thing to keep in mind, that is style of your standard  mat size.

So keep all the factors in your mind, it will be much easier to buy hot yoga mat with the standard size.

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