Best Yoga Mat Brands

How to find Best Yoga Mat Brands.

How to find Best Yoga Mat Brands.                

When you start thinking to buy a good yoga mat. Then you have to keep in mind that the best yoga mats brands. There are lot of companies are manufacturing hot yoga mats with different kind of colors and different kind of materials and softness.

Best Yoga Mat Brands


If you are regular yogi and doing regular practice you must have to invest in your own mat.

There are lot of best yoga mat brands which look pretty similar, but they have the difference of thickness, material, texture, grip and stickiness that can effect your exercise, how can you move easily.

For the beginner’s yogis, a mat needs a good grip. If you find that you are slipping or sliding too much, it is not a good sign for you because it can damage any your body part. That is why you have to focus on your requirement and focus all the points of hot yoga mats.

There is another major feactor is comfortability and a yoga mat should be thik. Which should be 3mm thick. But if you want extra comfort, your mat should be 7mm thick. Some people feels that there should be more padding of mat, but others can not demand thick mat.

Not slippery when wet


If you are practicing on hot yoga mat and you have a lot of sweat, you will have to buy a best yoga mat brands that can perform very well. Sweaty and oily skins yogis have special yoga mats, so that the grip on mat should comfort.

There are lot of kinds of best yoga mat brands. Here we are discussing some of them.

1; Best overall ,  Giam sol studio.

2; Best heavy duty , Manduka pro yoga mat.

3; Best budget , Balance from all yoga mats.

4; Best for travel yoga mat , a lightweight yoga mat for travelers.

5; Best for hot yoga ,The Aurorae Synergy 2in one.

6; Best eco friendly, Jade Harmony yoga mat.

7, Best extra large, Hugger Mugger Para XL.

8; Best Design , Giam Premium print yoga mat.

1: Giam sol studio.

Giam Sol Studio is a premium brand. This mat is made for those people which want more protection of their joints.



Use at home or the studio

6P and latex free

Will support and protect your joints

Ideal for both restorative and hot yoga

Reversible to suit your yoga practice

Extra-dense and extra-thick mat for firm cushioning

Giam Sol Studio Measurements: 68″L x 24″W x 5mm.

Giam Sol Studio Materials: PVC. Latex free.

Whenever you want to use yoga mat, please roll out it 2-3 days before using it. Clean your yoga mat damp cloth with cold water. When it will dry, it will be straight as you want.
You may want to choose a best yoga mat brand but there are lot of brands in market. It can be very harmful for you which one brand should select. The good news for yogis, check our mart of there are lot of brands which can easily helps you to choose good brand yoga mat.

2: Manduka pro yoga mat.


It is an imported brand.

It is a comfortable mat cushion and also have a good grip, and also life time warranty.

Size: Standard size is 7. 5 lbs.  71″ x 26″,  6 mm thick. There can be change size in different variants.

Length:   9. 5 lbs ,  85″ x 26″  ,  6 mm thick

The surface of Manduka pro yoga mat improves to use. The best way is to make practice on yoga mat.

3: Budget Balance from all yoga mats


Weight: this mat has easy strapping and light weight features. Its weight is too much low as to compare to others.

Length: it long 68″ long 24″ this is made with eco friendly material.

Thickness: it is 1/4” thick premium mat. Thick mats always comfort your body when you are practicing yoga. It keeps balanced your body.

Non Slip: It is a double side non slip surface

Material: this mat is made wit PVC

4: Lightweight yoga mat for travelers.


Weight:  its weight is 3lbs

Thickness:  It is a thick mat. It is thick about 3mm

Material: this mat is made with thermoplastic elastomeric.

Pros: It has dual-density, it has also 2-sided textured surface, it is not made with PVC, chloride-free and latex-free.

Cons:  This mat is heavier and thicker than other yoga mats.

If you will study this yoga mat brand, it is not only lightest mat in the market but it has a great grip along with. Normally people like the grippe mat. Because when you are practicing, it will not slip you hand or other body part. Slippery yoga mats can damage your body.

5: The Aurorae Synergy 2in one.

There is a greatest challenge for hot yoga practitioners that how can they maintain their poses safely when they are sweat. There are standard types of mats which are slippery and you can slip on them. Aurora synergy mat has two qualities. It is yoga mat and yoga towel mat. I like this product because it is highly recommended brand which has 2 in one qualities. This type of mat has can be use all over the year.

6: Jade Harmony yoga mat.


Weight:  Its weighs about 5 pounds.

Thickness: It is 3/16″ thick, 24″ wide

Material: This mat is made with thermoplastic elastomeric.

Length: It has two lengths- 68″ and 74”- and  68″ .

Colors: Purple, Olive Green,  Midnight Blue, Raspberry, Gray, Electric Blue, Kiwi Green, Black, Teal, Fire Engine Red, Two-tone Blue.

7: Hugger Mugger Para XL.

This is hot favorite brand of teachers because it has non slip surface that brings more comfortable you during your yoga practice. You look feel better with this mat. Tall yogis need extra long best yoga mat brands. This mat has all the qualities about the requirements of all yogis. All the yogis love it because t is non slip on both sides.


Material: Natural rubber is durable, and long-lasting, Rubber is a natural, sustainable, renewable material.

Length:  Extra large 78”x 28” surface.

Quality:  It is non slippery and has gripp on both sides.

Thickness:  It is ¼ inches thick.

8: Giam Premium print yoga mat.

This mat is perfect for both home and studio. It is very safe and comforts you. You need to maintain your poses and proper alignment.


Weight:  Its weighs about 2.5 pounds.

Thickness: 68-Inch x 24-Inch x 6mm Thick

Material: PVC. Latex Free. 6P Free: Free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP phthalates

Length: 68″ x 24″ x 6mm/172 x 61cm x 6mm

Colors: Midnight Blue , Purple, Olive Green, Kiwi Green  , Raspberry, Gray, Electric Blue, Black, Teal.

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